LASAGNETTE RICCE (code 32) Retail - G.d.o.

DESCRIPTION: All our dry pasta is made upholding the artisan tradition passed on by old master pasta-makers , which contributed to make the tradition of Italian pasta popular worldwide: drying at a very low temperature for highly prolonged periods of time, use of durum wheat flour of excellent quality.

INGREDIENTS: durum wheat semolina.

PROCESSING: bronze drawing

FOOD PRESERVATION: Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.


COOKING TIME: 7 minutes (“al dente” as we love it in Italy). A few more minutes for those who like it a little softer.

COOKING METHOD: pour an abundant quantity of water into a pot by adding coarse salt; pour the pasta into the pot only when the water is boiling; gently stir in order to keep the pasta from sticking; cook over medium heat while paying attention to the cooking time; a minute before reaching the desired cooking (following the instructions or your own cooking style), drain the pasta and pour it into the pan with the sauce you have just cooked; mix and/or toss the cooked pasta with the sauce for one minute; turn off the heat; serve while hot.